So it's been a busy couple of weeks for the work and the studio.  Last week I sold a piece through a trade with a piece that was purchased at a charitable auction.  It was a trade up and a regular customer over the years so I was happy to do it. I installed it for her and was happy to have it in a permanent place.  It was a large piece that needed the right location so I was really happy to have that place end up being a person I have known for a while. Shot of the final placement:
In other news...
Dropped of work for the Muhammad Ali Center show opening this Friday.  Excited about being at that opening since it will likely be a different crowd from my usual people at the gallery.

Some info on the show can be seen HERE
And on other fronts...
I have entered another showdown on the Saatchi Online site, I don't really expect much from the showdown (you have to make it to the top 127) , but just saw that an article was written on my work by a friend that is an art historian and writes for them regularly.  You can see the article HERE. And he has included me in his Top Ten Picks HERE.
I particularly like the last paragraph, I would copy it here but feel it best read in the context of Adrian's set up.
 I'm excited to get into the studio again, in the process of working on the last few pieces for the Ali center I came across a material that I think will work for something I have been pondering for quite a while, tests are currently in process.  News on the results to follow. 
It is this kind of thing that make me further recognize the need to just be in the studio working whenever possible. These kind of revelations are the reason it is so much fun to be an artist and the more I get to the studio the more they will happen.  It will happen. 

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