So I have this up and going thanks to my friend Brent Dedas, master all things web related. Check out his stuff HERE
I am hoping to keep this going better that I did the last blog.  I recently applied to a job that asked about blogging, web design, writing reviews of others work and I realized, "I could have done some of that with that blog I had set up?"-"damn it". So, live and learn.  I will try and do so with this one and keep it up. TO kick things off I thought I might post a gif image I made of piece in the last show.  I am hoping to do more of these which means being diligent about documentation.  I thought a few versions of this one could have remained but I was going for something else...not sure if I got there.

1/12/2023 09:08:17 am

Very creative post.


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